Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fisher Girl

Yesterday I went to the Luce Foundation for American Art to a weekly sketching group.  I have gone before, but it is at the same time that I usually pick up my granddaughter from school, and so I haven't been for a long time. It is on Tuesdays and now I won't be picking her up on Tuesday, so I hope to make this a regular thing.

It is a lot of fun.  One of the staff organizes a weekly challenge.  They provide all the materials--even stools.  The challenge yesterday was to sketch one of the sculptures.  I chose to do "Fisher Girl"--a life-size sculpture done in about 1858 by William Randolph Barbee.  It is marble, so she was very still.  I used pencils, charcoal and eraser and worked for about an hour.  I had a little trouble getting into it, as it has been awhile, but I had fun.  After about an hour, everyone reconvenes and shares their work.  Yesterday, there were people who had never done sketching and also at least one professional artist.

We started with a blind contour, but I am not posting that.  It was pathetic.

I don't know why this nude woman is making a fishing net.  She has a lovely garland of shells in her hair, which is lovely.

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