Sunday, August 2, 2015

An "Only in DC" gift from Sebastian's family

Earlier this Summer, I had the fun of taking two almost sixth-grader boys around town the first two weeks of their Summer vacation.  The boys were my grandson Griffin and his friend Sebastian.  We went a lot of places, and had some good times, including the "Spy in the City" and the Indiana Jones exhibit at the National Geographic Society.  We also went swimming and generally just had good times around the city.

I always enjoy time with Griffin, and Sebastian was easy.  I think we all had a good time, and mastered some new Metro stops.

It was quite a surprise to get a gift from Sebastian's family, and so thoughtful.  They gave me a set of coasters with Washington DC scenes, including one that has the flag of the District.  That is what I chose for the image for my thank you cards.  DC is not a state, and does not have any voting representatives in Congress.  It is an injustice.  We pay taxes, but have no representation.  I thought that was what the Revolution was about.  Anyway, the District flag is a meaningful reminder that we need to keep fighting to get representation.

It's fun to use the coasters....and fun to make the thank you card, which will shortly go in the mail.

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