Monday, April 11, 2011

Final on mural project

The mural I was working on is finished, and I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  It is in Room 201A of the Buchan Center at First Unitarian Church, Portland, Oregon.

Tragically, Jim Gronsand, who was working at the same time on a mural in the next room, died suddenly last Wednesday.  He had been having problems with his heart, but it didn't seem to be something that couldn't be treated.  He fainted at home on Sunday and went to the hospital.  I talked to him Monday and he said he would get a pacemaker Tuesday and be home Wednesday.  He was going to help me set up for the art show at the church, so said he'd call then and let me know if his doctor said he was up to it.  He was getting ready to leave the hospital Wednesday when he collapsed and couldn't be revived.  Even his doctor doesn't understand why he died.  The memorial service will be tomorrow.  Here's a picture of Jim and the mural he was working on:

And another picture that shows more, but not all of his mural, but doesn't show him very well:

The white strips were for marking grids.  You can see his working image taped on. To the left of that is an isolation template so he could work on a specific sqare at a time.  The moon is in the upper right.

Although we were quite different as artists, we became very good friends.  I will miss him.  Jim's mural was not finished according to his plan.  Those of us working with him decided no-one else should paint on it, though, and it will stand as it is...with grid chalk marks where he put them, but not the white strips.  I will get a full picture of the "final" and post it later.  Jim was a supporter of the work of the Carolyn Rondthaler and the Plum Gallery.

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