Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hip 2 B Square

I took this piece in for a show in Hillsboro at the Sequoia Gallery.  It should be a fun show.  All of the paintings, including mine, are 12" x 12."  The Sequoia Gallery is at 136 SE Third, right in cental Hillsboro.  The show will be up through the month of April.

For the show, I had to do the painting on a canvas that I got in March from the Sequoia.  I treated the canvas with Golden Absorbant Ground so that I could use gouache.  After the painting was finished, I varnished it with a matte varnish.  The canvas is a gallery wrap, and participating artists were to submit the work without a frame.  To finish it, I used black acrylic on the edges.  I'll use this process again.  I like the way the gouache works on the treated canvas.

The subject matter was influenced by Gregory Kondos, an artist from Northern California.  His landscapes are of the scenes I grew up with.  This painting is titled, "River Trees."  I priced it at $125.  The Plum Gallery supports Sequoia Gallery!


  1. ....I agree with you that the frameless painting can look very good with dark paint on the looks "clean". This is a nice painting, Carolyn...and congratulations on your new shows!

  2. I sold this painting!!!!!! Hooray for the Sequoia Gallery.