Friday, January 8, 2016

'Lady Carolyn" mug


Here's something else that is very much fun.  My friend Nancy found the perfect mug for me.  It is so elegant, with a subtle design in bone china.   The most fun about it is that, on the bottom, it says "Lady Carolyn" in fancy script.  It makes me feel special to use it!  and "demand' to be called Lady Carolyn!

Thanks, Nancy...this is who I wish to be!


  1. Oh, you are Lade Carolyn to me! I love that you love the mug! I hoped that you would!

  2. Haha!! "Lady Carolyn"---of course! Love your painting ...well done, "Lady Carolyn"!

  3. There should be a 'Lady Carolyn' on Downton Abbey.
    Glad you have your signature cup. Cute painting.